Doring Sushi Bar – Chorlton

chorlton-sushiI’m a big fan of sushi – so when I heard on the Chorlton grapevine that a new Japenese Sushi Bar had opened just up the road, I was over there before you could say sashimi. Unfortunately on my 1st visit, I forgot my camera. But my 2nd visit was very well documented


doring-sushi-menu2Doring Sushi Bar on Barlow Moor Road opened in 2015 and has fast become one of my top places to dine in Chorlton in terms of value and quality.

There were two of us dining on this occasion and I still can’t get over the value for money. The service is friendly and the restaurant itself is comfortable with an open kitchen – so you can take a peek at the magic taking place.


We shared two starters to begin, the karaage chicken…..



Followed by the beef skewers.


Both incredibly tasty – there’s something about the melted cheese topping on the karaage chicken that had me thinking about it for days. Extremely moreish!

And then onto the main event – we ordered some big roll maki and the reverse roll maki. You get 8 pieces of whichever maki you select so we had 32 pieces in total to work our way through – plenty and extremely filling!

We shared a mixture of the spider maki, chicken katsu maki, california and tung roll.

We left with full bellies and big smiles, not just because of the delightful meal but also because of the price tag. Completely stuffed and with a beer each under our belts our total bill came to less than £30. You can’t say fairer than that, right?

Doring’s website is still being built – but you can find their contact details on their facebook page >>


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