The 6 Stages Of Washing A Husky

husky washing

Stage One  – Realisation

There’s only so long you can put washing this beast off. Winter walks in the park are cold, damp and muddy. Although I don’t like to wash Mouse too often, sometimes she leaves me no choice with her smelly shenanigans. I try to only wash her properly about 4 times a year; a quick spot wash on fox poo and mud usually keeps her in good shape the rest of the time. As she’s almost finished shedding her undercoat it was a good chance to give her a thorough wash. Huskies like Mouse have dual coats: a soft undercoat – which is her insulation – and a coarse outer coat. The undercoat tends to stay soft and dry whereas her outer coat has naturally occurring oils and a degree of water-resistance to it. That’s another reason not to wash her too often as it’s important to keep these oils in the coat. But seriously, look at the state of her.

Stage Two  – Bribery

Mouse can have a somewhat independent nature at times – a trait often associated with huskies. Some might call it stubbornness. I call it independence! When she doesn’t want to do something (like have a bath) I have found that bribery works best and causes the least stress for both parties. So showing her a favourite treat and guiding her up to the bathroom is often the best way forward.

washing a husky

how to wash a husky

Stages Three & Four – Capture & Denial

Upon detaining the beast I find it best to let her sit for a while in the bathroom while the bath is being filled up with water. This lets her process what might be happening. More often than not she’ll start to clean her paws. Showing me that she clearly doesn’t need a bath and I must have made some kind of terrible mistake. Seriously though, the muck accumulating on her belly was just ridiculous. Nice try pal.

washing a husky
husky dog need a bath
husky dog waits for bath

I like to use a dog shampoo that will be kind to Mouse’s skin as she had some irritation on her tummy last year. This one with tea tree oil works well and makes her smell lovely. Her coat is nice and soft afterwards too.

husky dog

shampoo for dogs

And in the drink she goes!

beautiful husky needs a bath

Stage Five – Acceptance

Thankfully, once she’s in the tub she comes to terms with it quite quickly. From experience she knows that the stiller she stays, the quicker it’ll be over with – she’s a very good girl in that respect. I think she enjoys the attention once the shampoo’s on to be honest.

husky dog siberian

siberian husky

husky siberian needs a wash

Stage Seven – Revenge

After about 10-15 mins she does start to whimper a bit. So it’s time to give her a rinse off and let her get out of the tub. Then she can reap her revenge! This – and I’m sure anyone else with a dog will agree – involves tearing round the house (still soaking wet I might add) ecstatic to be free from her porcelain prison.

husky dog

dog needs a bath

Oh and I get to clean the bathroom.

mucky bath after dog wash

Look at that face though! Happy little husky! Is your dog the same when it comes to bath time?

clean husky dog

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